Mitra Niaga Indonesia as a company engaged in the field of agro-industry is always trying to give birth to new innovations. The resulting innovation always considers two factors, namely technology and commercial. Technological factors are needed to produce optimal added value in agricultural products while still paying attention to the quality. While commercial factors are needed to see if there are high enough demand and need for these products on the market. So that the product of innovation can survive in the market with good prospects.

Seeing the potential of agricultural products in Indonesia that are so diverse and abundant, Mitra Niaga Indonesia tries to see this as Indonesia's advantage compared to other countries. Diverse raw materials make Indonesian agricultural products compete at the international level. However, fresh agricultural products have some problems as export commodities. Easily damaged, low selling prices and bulky are some of them. To answer this problem, we try to innovate by producing extracts from these commodities.

Extract products have the advantage because they are not easily damaged, have better nutritional content and higher selling prices. Mitra Niaga Indonesia sees a significant opportunity for the extracted product to enter the global market. Some of the most wanted commodities are moringa extract, turmeric extract, ginger extract, and dragon fruit extract. The readiness of the market is a strong driving factor for us to carry out the development of this product as soon as possible.

At present, we have conducted trials to produce several extract products and the results are very satisfying. Please contact us for more information about this new product.