BIOFACH, Trade Expo Indonesia, Jakarta International Premium Products, Gulfood Manufacturing, International Sharia Economy Festival and SIAL Interfood Jakarta. 2019 has been really amazing for us. We travelled from Nuremberg, Dubai and back to Jakarta to promote our Organic Coconut-based products to the world. Started in February with BIOFACH as our first-ever exhibition abroad. Europe really is a huge market for organic products. We received a lot of good feedback, both from a marketing perspective and product development perspective. Not only targeting Europe, but we also plan to expand our market to the Middle East. In October, we were participating in Gulfood Manufacturing 2019 in Dubai. The Middle East holds a very promising market for coconut products.

The export market is very promising but we also aim at the local market. That is why we also joined Trade Expo Indonesia, SIAL Interfood, Jakarta International Premium Products and International Sharia Economic Festival. All events were held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Most of the visitor were local companies who were looking for food ingredients supplier or simply as a reseller. Sometimes, we also met with international company and even signed an agreement for trial order.

All these experiences really mean a lot to us to grow bigger and better ahead. 2019 has given us a lot so that we can be more ready to face 2020. Hope everyone also gets what they wanted in 2019 and set a higher target in 2020. The effort you put will never betray the result you get. Happy new year!