Conventional marketing activities are usually done directly by visiting potential buyers and offering the products/services that we have. Before sales occur, the marketing department usually conducts market analysis to see trends that are happening and conducts competitor analysis to be able to determine a good positioning of the products/services that we will sell. The analysis is carried out with interviews, market visits, exhibition visits, surveys and others. The method is certainly very wasting time, energy and cost.

Now, supported by the concept of industry 4.0 which prioritizes the internet and Artificial Intelligence (AI), marketing activities have become much 'easier' to do. Buying and selling activities are now not only happening in markets that bring buyers and sellers directly together but also occur online. We can find hundreds of online trading sites in seconds, ranging from household-scale to export-scale commodities.

Especially for exporters, this is felt to greatly facilitate our marketing activities. Exporters no longer need to pay a lot of money to go abroad to find out the market situation in the export destination country. Simply by opening a personal computer screen or through a smartphone, exporters can find out the trends that are happening in the country and who are the competitors that must be considered.

The more vigorous marketing and sales activities carried out online, the number of market place platform is increasing rapidly. One of them is (MIND) which was created specifically to accommodate Indonesian original products that have an export orientation. MIND has aspirations to help domestic industries, especially micro and small scale businesses, to compete at the international level. Aside from being a marketplace platform, MIND also helps exporters conduct market analysis and offer potential prospective buyers. This was welcomed positively by those who wanted to start exporting and expand their export markets. Mitra Niaga Indonesia has joined to become one of the MIND partners by creating an account and marketing our products on the site. We believe this cooperation will be very beneficial for both parties.

Hopefully, there will be another national online marketplace that can contribute to increasing the value of Indonesia's exports in the near future.