Ministry of Trade has a lot of representatives around the world. They are Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) and Trade Attache. Both are assigned to do market analysis and market intelligence in a particular country to facilitate Indonesian exporters to do a market-entry strategy there. On this occasion, Mitra Niaga Indonesia have the opportunity to conduct an online business matching through video call with the representatives of Ministry of Trade in Lagos (Nigeria), Seoul (South Korea) and Santiago (Chile).
More special, we also had the vice president of ITPC Barcelona among us. We use this chance to discuss about the condition and opportunity of our market in Spain. Online business matching is a very effective method that exporters have to try to gain information about the market condition on a specific country. The exhibition or trade fair is very high-cost so online business matching is a worth-to-try marketing method you should try.
After discussing with our potential buyer from all three countries, thankfully we got a very positive feedback. We followed up on this by sending product samples to these countries. We do really hope that this could be a good start for Mitra Niaga Indonesia and we can contribute more to the increase in the value of national exports ahead.